Consultation liaison psychiatry focuses on evaluating and managing psychiatric disorders for those who are being treated for other medical problems. Sometimes known as psychosomatic medicine, the practice involves a psychiatrist who works with a patient’s attending medical physician to diagnose and develop treatment plans for a host of psychiatric disorders, especially as these disorders impact or are impacted by the primary illness.

Consultation liaison psychiatrists deal with syndromes associated with substance abuse and medical illness; depression among the chronically ill and the elderly; mood disorders, anxiety, or suicidality among medical patients; and more. They also evaluate medically induced psychiatric symptoms and assess a patient’s ability to make informed medical choices.

About the Author: 

Between 2006 and 2011, Dr. Wanda Gobin held the positions of Medical Director and Staff Psychiatrist at Albany, Georgia’s Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. In addition to working with both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric programs at the facility, she served as a consultation liaison for the hospital’s psychiatric and medical wards. Dr. Gobin now works as a Staff Psychiatrist at Turning Point, a behavioral health and substance abuse treatment center in Moultrie, Georgia.